Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Research Question

How has Chinese culture defined women over time?

In high school, I read a book titled Snowflower and the Secret Fan, and it got me really interested in how gender is viewed in China, specifically in women. With some background knowledge on the subject, I knew that there would be many areas to research. Because I'm so interested in the subject, it would be much easier to write 10 pages of information on it than something that has no interest to me. Also, I know some of the ways women were subjected in the past, but I am unfamiliar with what has changed and why.  To start, I would probably talk about the violent history of women in a Chinese culture that preached male preference. I expect to talk about the ways in which Chinese culture surprised women. For example foot binding, arranged marriages, etc. When it comes to what caused the change, (I'm expecting that there has been some sort of change in these beliefs) I'm guessing that modern culture and society has had a big influence, as well and modern ethics and morality. I'm not sure what types of problems may arise, but essentially, I just find this topic extremely intriguing and it's something I genuinely want to learn more about.  

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